Merry Men

“Jon should have shot you when he had the chance.”

With Robin Hood in hiding and the Sheriff ransacking the realms to find him, Marion’s fought to save Robin Hood supporters and further thwart the Sheriff’s schemes. The people whisper of her being the next Robin Hood, but Marion never wanted the legacy. All she wants is to atone for her mistakes, prove she’s on the right side, and learn Robin’s whereabouts. Then she’ll be back where she belongs.

Robin, on the other hand, doesn’t want to be found. Marion’s betrayal was a blow to the whole gang, and he still reels from it, unsure if he can trust those around him, including himself. Marion’s arrival further complicates things, and her truth gets shrouded by her lies, and Robin’s forgiveness by his fear. But in the face of their most deadly challenge yet, Marion, Robin, and the rest of the gang will have to put aside their differences to survive.

Robin Hood has cheated death for as long as he can remember. What happens if Death cheats him?