Dark Affliction


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A dragon rider. An imprisoned elf. A deadly affliction.

When Calder Becket is assigned to the dungeons instead of the skies with his beloved dragon Ash, he’s disturbed by the torture he discovers in the darkness of Fangward. As he tends to the elf prisoner and learns about a missing princess, duty and conscience begin to war for control of his heart.

Meanwhile, something is driving the dragons mad. And it may not be a natural affliction. Calder’s sister, Maeve, will do anything to save her dragon flight, but what if discovering the truth means she must leave her husband?

When Calder and Maeve try to unravel the mystery of the deadly affliction preying upon their dragons, oaths will be broken and family bonds tested. Duty demands they do nothing…but how many dragons will be consumed before they embrace the truth?

Between Blood and Sand is a romantic fantasy series with a hint of spice and lots of magic that will enthrall fans of Elise Kova and Sarah J. Maas. If you enjoy strong heroines, tragic heroes, and clean romance, discover Dark Affliction today.


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