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A determined girl. A dark elf scholar. A dance as old as time.

When her arranged marriage goes awry, Dagmar Fray finds herself in a foreign land without a husband. Good riddance. Her real reason for participating in a slightly underhanded bride-swap was not to find a fellow but rather her missing sister. But when she accepts the help of a shy stranger, she longs to discover what he’s hiding behind those dimples.

More interested in fae cats and books, Peregrin Blodrhys wasn’t seeking a wife until he met the fiery redhead stranded in the rain. Passionate, outspoken, and devoted to her sister…Dagmar just might be the answer to his problem. But he knows little of human girls or how to propose marriage. And his secret is the sort that can destroy even the strongest of relationships.
When this bride on a mission and secretive bookworm collide, can they survive the explosion of culture and magic?


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