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They were never meant to fall in love…but maybe their forbidden love could stop a war.

Peace came at a steep price: human brides to save the dark elves of Gelaira. Persis, an indentured elfin healer from the Dunewatch, seeks to heal the Gelairan prince. There’s only one problem: her master wants him dead. She was supposed to kill the groom…not become his bride.

Prince Haryk, stricken with a strange ailment that seems to have no cure, only wants to save his people. But how can he when he can’t even save himself? More than anything he despises the terms of his grandfather’s peace treaty, but he has no choice but to welcome the human bride sent from Haldor. But then he meets Princess Brenna’s compassionate and intriguing elfin healer. He was supposed to marry the princess…not fall in love with her servant.

As intrigues and betrayals grow more complicated, Haryk and Persis face a future neither of them had prepared for. There are forces at work in Gelaira, dark forces that could rip not only Haryk and Persis apart but also the entirety of Rhuin. If they can’t find a way to save Haryk—and preserve the peace—war and death could be the fate of all peoples.

This thrilling romantic fantasy inspired by Hades & Persephone and Norse mythology takes place 500 years before the events of Dark Affliction can be read on its own! With explosions of magic, a hint of spice, and epic worldbuilding, this novel will enthrall fans of How to Tame Your Dragon, Elise Kova and Sarah J. Maas…with no sex. If you enjoy strong heroines, tragic heroes, and clean romance, you need to grab a copy of Peaceweaver today.


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