Persuasion of Destiny




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The King is dead. Long live the Queen?

Since Malakai’s death and Esrae’s rise to power, Raven, Kanan, and the others have worked to build new lives for themselves, far away from their pasts. But plagued by nightmares and memories of all they’ve lost, peace is elusive.

Intent on revenge, Esrae seeks Kanan out and orders him to find the others. Once again, Kanan is at risk of becoming the instrument of a deranged ruler. But he has a secret of his own and intends to warn Raven that their lives are in danger. though doing so will mean seeing her again for the first time since everything fell apart.

Holden hasn’t had the luxury of disappearing. As General, he’s forced to deal with Esrae’s violent temper and the chaos that comes with it. Desperate to put an end to her tyranny, he can think of only one person who may be able to help, but will she be willing?

Destiny has brought them back together along with new information that a true heir to the throne exists. With this news, a plan is set in motion to find the heir, stop the queen, and take back their country.

Can they save their land and maybe even find healing themselves? Or will they once again be left to pick up the pieces?


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