About the Company

SnowRidge Press has one goal: helping you achieve success. Founded by two self-published authors, we know the unique challenges that come with publishing. We’re here to help and guide you through every step of the publishing journey.

We also know that some authors prefer to self-publish on their own, but still find themselves in need of professional services. That’s why we’ve designed our offerings to be flexible and affordable while still providing you with the professional help you need to take your book to the next level. We charge less for our services because we know that most indie authors have less to spend. It’s a choice we make every day to make editing, formatting, and publication services more accessible to everyone, because more good books in the world is always a good thing.

Meet the Team


Savanna Roberts is a Co-Founder and Head of Operations for SnowRidge, managing the editing and publishing departments. She’s been writing seriously since she was ten years old and officially launched her business in 2018. She currently has eight novels published, including an Amazon best-selling short story featured in the Beyond the Beast Anthology by Wonder Heart Books. She’s written for lifestyle website Introvert, Dear, and has spoken virtually at the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop.

Bryce Roberts is a Co-Founder and CFO, managing cash flow and royalty payments for SnowRidge Press, along with formatting. He has a B.S. in Business Administration and has two books published, Claervont Captive and Claervont’s Cost. He has spoken in schools and had school signings for aspiring young authors, and he has helped Savanna with all of her editing, formatting, and finance needs.


Mariella Taylor holds a B.A. in Creative Writing & Technical Editing. She also attained a terminal Master of Fine Arts degree in Fiction Writing including concentrations in fiction writing, children’s literature, and professional editing. 

She has served on editing panels for three literary journals in various positions including Acquisitions Editor, Fiction Editor, and Head Copy Editor. Her editing expertise includes non-fiction, memoir and autobiography, newspaper and magazine, fiction (Middle Grade, YA, NA, and Adult titles), and poetry/short story collections.

Beka Gremikova writes and dreams from her little nook in the Ottawa Valley, Canada. Her love for storytelling started young, when she would write and illustrate tales on scrap paper her mom brought home from work. Now she writes folkloric fantasy and has over forty short stories published online and in print.

That writerly passion has also spread into the realm of editing, and with years of experience offering in-depth beta reads, she’s excited to work with SnowRidge Press and their clients, helping authors explore the “whys” and “hows” of their pieces. Just don’t be surprised if she uses Canadian spelling in her feedback—the Canuck is strong in this one.

Hanah is an artist, writer, and tea fanatic living in the Adirondacks with her husband and Golden Retriever. She has been writing stories since she was eight years old, and her passion has since driven her to freelance writing and editing.  

With a BA in History and five years of museum work under her belt, she has a long record of nonfiction writing and research. Her work in freelance has also gained her experience writing blog articles. In the past, she has critiqued and edited a number of novels and short stories, and she looks forward to making her dream a reality by working with SnowRidge Press

Rebekah, a fifth grade teacher and avid reader, has gracefully surrendered her apartment to an invasion of pens and books. On one of her many bookshelves can be found several of her own short stories and novellas, mostly reimaginations of classic fairytales and Bible stories. She is never one to back down from a challenge, and still brags about writing nearly 300,000 words for 2017’s National Novel Writing Month.

Though her writing life has calmed down as adulthood responsibilities increased, she still loves spending her evenings in a coffeeshop sipping chai tea, grading papers, and reading books for her counseling degree.