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*This number is an estimate only and your final price may vary slightly based on the official length of your project. For more details about each project type and specifics on pricing, please read below.

Rough Draft Critique

A big-picture edit for the rough draft of your novel. Includes one read-through and a summary with general thoughts and comments on the story. Best suited for early stages to ensure your book has a good base to build on.

40,000 word or less = $120
40,000+ words = $3 per 1,000 words


Combing through your novel to tighten up grammar and sentence structure issues, providing a line-by-line cleanup of your story. Good for late stages when you just need a polish.

40,000 words or less = $200
40,000+ words = $5 per 1,000 words


A more in-depth look into your manuscript. Includes two read-throughs (back-to-back, before returning to the author) and notes on every single aspect of your story. You will receive a summary at the end of each chapter, along with an editorial letter with suggestions at the end of the book. Best for middle stages when you want a fresh set of eyes to analyze your story.

40,000 words or less = $240
40,000+ words = $6 per 1,000 words


Our most in-depth package. It’s the
equivalent of a Proofread and a
Developmental rolled into one. You
receive line-by-line thoughts, edits, and cleanup on your entire novel. This includes two read-throughs and an editorial letter.

40,000 words or less = $320
40,000+ words = $8 per 1,000 words

Short Story

A package for your more bite-sized stories. This flat-rate service gives you two rounds of edits – a developmental edit first, followed by your changes, and then a proofread to polish it up.

For stories up to 15,000 words


Ad-Hoc Services (consultations, synopsis critiques, etc) are $25/hour

Editing Availability Calendar

*availability subject to change and depends on edit type, length, and genre

If you are interested in booking one of the above packages with us please fill out the below form, or email us at editing@snowridgepress.com with the same information. We will review your request ASAP!

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