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Trinity High Book 2

It’s fitting that they’re reading Romeo and Juliet in class, because Raina Cohen’s story is most certainly not having a happy ending. She’d ask her not-so-secret crush Jesse Ashcroft for his opinion, but the formerly close duo haven’t spoken in days. Instead, Jesse’s been hanging out with his best friend, Nicole, who would happily ensure that Raina met the same fate as Juliet.

But thanks to meddling teachers, Raina’s now stuck spending all her free time with the two people she’s been trying to avoid. And with her mom breathing down her back about, well, everything, she’s trying to balance family, religion, schoolwork, oh, and the simple fact that she can’t get Jesse out of her head.

It’s a slow journey to rebuilding their friendship — and possibly even more than that — especially with Nicole determined to stand in the middle of the road. But when Raina’s father’s job is put in jeopardy, it’ll take the unlikely trio of Raina, Jesse, and Nicole working together to write their own stories.


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