A Sleep as Deep as Death




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A noblewoman trapped in sleep. An outlaw determined to find her.

When Evolet falls in love with the brilliant Yofflin Walters, he wishes to leave their small town to become the most renowned inventor in the realms. She vows to follow him as long as she has his love, but the man she thought she knew is far from a knight in shining armor. Soon, his schemes threaten her daughter’s life and entrap Evolet in a deadly sleep.

After months of searching the realms for her mother, Marion fears she may be lost forever. Her mother’s location, encoded by Marion’s father, is known only by the dead. But if Marion gives up, she won’t save the woman most important to her…and if she can’t save her mother, how can she possibly save herself?

In this dual timeline tale inspired by Sleeping Beauty, Marion and Evolet fight to be reunited despite the nobleman that separated them. But Yofflin made too many deals with the Fairy Godmother, and the sleep as deep as death is only the beginning of the battle.


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