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The Divine Courage Trilogy: Book 2

Larken is home, but everything feels wrong. She’s happy to be back with Vallen and to explore her new friendship with Shadric, but she left her heart back in the Squad 19 Dorm. The war pulls her from both sides, but she’s lost in the middle, torn between who she was and who she’s called to be.

Soren refuses to fill the empty spot on his squad, but won’t admit the real reason why. He watches as the woman he can’t stop thinking about is paraded in the media and constantly torn apart. So when Vallen issues him new orders, he jumps at the chance to leave his old life behind.

When Larken is forced into a situation that will remove her from the Military District – and her mother’s clutches – once and for all, Larken and Soren will have to decide who they want to be, and what they mean to each other. Do they follow the paths scripted for them or join the cause that’s calling them?


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